Top 5 Easy Ways to Secure Funding for Your Professional Development

We often meet enthusiastic and excited teachers ready to bring yoga and Social Emotional Learning tools to their school. Our mission is to empower educators with tools to create sustainable programs in their schools. That is why we want to help you make the most of your investment by opening up opportunities for funding and extra income.

So how can you get funding to attend our PD and Professional Institutes? Check out our Top 5 ways to secure funding:.

1. School Funding

Does your school seek to implement sustainable Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs? Are your administrators looking for new research-based ways to improve behavior? If yes, then ask your administration if they have any funding in the budget to support your professional learning. The Yoga Ed. curriculum is Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) aligned. Many schools have funding set aside for CASEL programs.

Has your school’s after-school programing taken a decline? You can offer to hold after-school classes in return for help with funding.

2. Scholarships Through Yoga Ed.

If you are a full-time educator it may be possible for you to secure a partial scholarship through Yoga Ed. to attend our Professional Institute 1: Teaching Children’s Yoga and Professional Institute 2: Teaching Teen’s Yoga. Simply send an email to to find out if you qualify.


How cool is it that now allows Professional Development projects?! Get all the information on creating your PD project here. Remember this process can take time to secure the full amount of funding, so be sure to create your project a few months before training begins, and remember we offer our Institutes and PD several times throughout the year.

4. District Funding

All of our programs are eligible for State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) through the State of Michigan. Most Districts in the State will support your professional learning through funding assistance. For example, our Professional Institute 1 and 2 are eligible for 24 SCECH hours, which is equivalent to 1 semester hour. That means that many districts will reimburse at least half the cost of your training. Check with your District human Resources department and supply them with our syllabus: Elementary or Middle/High School. Also, email Candis anytime with questions or requests:

5. Foundation Funding

Local Foundations love to help with programs that support the education of children. If your District has a foundation check with them for funding opportunities. The Meemic Foundation offers grants throughout the year here. You can even check with local businesses to see if they will support SEL initiatives at your school.

6. Bring Us to Your School

Do you have 3 or more teachers looking to take our professional development courses? We can come to you! Bringing us to your school usually lowers price per person and we may even have grant funding for you! Email Candis to find out more:

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