Who We Are

Minds on Mats is a West Michigan based IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving school culture & student-teacher relationships through our collaborative yoga, mindfulness, and Social Emotional Learning programs.

Our News

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Our Core Values

We operate based on four core values: 

Empowerment: Students empowered to take leadership roles in their schools creates equity and accountability that break through barriers of race, gender, and culture. 

Self-Care: Teacher and student self-care is an integral aspect of fostering a positive school culture.  When we have strategies to care for ourselves, our hearts are full and we can easily fill others'. 

Connection: A unified approach to building and sustaining positive student-teacher relationships through responsive teaching results in higher achievement and engagement. 

Resiliency:  Meeting our student's needs with resiliency practices support healthy classrooms and school environments that are safe, peaceful, effective, and caring.